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Human rights are about real change in the support and services people receive.

That's why we welcome the recommendations of @taskforcescot, which would bring necessary improvement to mental health services for Scotland's children and young people.

Looking forward to supporting these recommendations into reality. All part of partnership work to improve children’s lives based on great practice like @Stirlingedpsych @Kilwinning_Acad and @FifeCouncil @FifeHSCP @cisweb

Very excited to see this launched today 🥳 What a vision for what we know children & families need 😍We’ve enjoyed our work with @taskforcescot At Risk Group & look forward to the actions in the report to collectively get it right for more children & families @Aspep1

Mental health @taskforcescot recommendations published today @ link below @scotgov @COSLA Key messages such as early intervention, GIRFEC & whole systems. EPS' & partners have a key role within children's services in leading change @brycath @FMacKenzie999

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Who we are

An independent Taskforce commissioned by COSLA & Scottish Government
"There can be no greater motivation than building an approach to mental health which is worthy of Scotland’s children and young people"

The CYPMH taskforce was commissioned by COSLA and Scottish Government in June 2018, chaired by Dr Dame Denise Coia. This followed the recommendations of the Rejected Referrals report.. The Taskforce will examine our whole approach to mental health services, backed with £5 million funding. It will develop a blueprint for how services and surrounding support, can better meet the rapidly changing needs of children and young people. Over the summer of 2018, Dame Denise has talked with children and young people, their families, services, agencies and practitioners. She provided her initial recommendations to Scottish Government and COSLA in September and the Taskforce met for the first time on 25 October 2018. At each meeting of the Taskforce, Dame Denise will share the chair with a SAMH and Young Scot Youth Commissioner on Mental Health, to keep the voices of children and young people at the centre of this work. The Taskforce is clear that whilst it will report to Ministers and to COSLA, it is answerable to the children and young people of Scotland. • The Taskforce is collaborating with the Youth Commission on Mental Health facilitated by SAMH and Young Scot. The Youth Commissioners have been gathering evidence on existing services, encouraging debate among young people and developing recommendations for Ministers and mental health services on how child and young people’s mental health services can be improved. • In her initial recommendations for the Taskforce, Dame Coia put forward a framework for children and young people’s mental health, which aims to bring clarity and break boundaries. In supporting development within the framework, the Taskforce aims to empower children and young people to know what mental health and mental wellbeing services are in their community. This approach is complementary to the recent recommendations put forward by the group of young people working with the Children and Young People’s Commissioner in Scotland. They also put forward that children and young people should always be informed of their mental health care rights and that education should be used to combat the stigma of mental health.